Meeting Rooms

The university provides access to meetings spaces for your group. While you are also free to choose locations off or near campus — or within specific department spaces to which group members have access, this list provides links to other potential spaces for your group.

Brandon Center in School of Education
The Brandon Center offers both public and private group spaces that are worth considering — though some will require a group member in the School of Ed.

The Duderstadt Center on North Campus has study rooms – including three group study rooms –  that can be reserved online.

North Quad
North Quad provides a variety of unreservable  “shared spaces” that we encourage you to explore for your group. There are Media Gateway Team Rooms on the first floor in the Media Gateway area, and there are two Study Rooms inside of North Quad Space 2435.

Palmer Commons
The Windows Lounge of Palmer Commons offers public space for groups. Though it’s unreservable, the central location may provide convenient space for your group.


If you know of other spaces we might suggest for groups, please let us know.